Mounting System for Sensors 3S-SensorSupport


We supply mounting systems for universal meteorological application as well as for solar photovoltaics projects. Easy installation of sensors on PV Plant control room or transformer station without trench. Can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to align with solar module.


General Information
Material Galvanized Steel


3S-SR-3T-WS-MB SEVEN Solar Sensor Box, Modbus RTU, RS485 Datasheet
3S-SR-2T-WS-MB SEVEN Solar Sensor Box, Modbus RTU, RS485 Datasheet
3S-WS-PLS Wind speed sensor Datasheet
3S-WD-PLS Wind direction sensor Datasheet
3S-AT-18B20 Ambient temperature sensor, DS18B20 Datasheet
3S-Shield-A Solar Radiation Shield for Ambient Temperature Sensor PT100, PT1000, DS18B20 etc. Datasheet
3S-SMP-CMP Pyranometer Datasheet